The Trust Docket: Another Benefit of Establishing a Trust in New Hampshire

By Joyce Hillis

In recent years New Hampshire has taken significant steps towards becoming one of the most trust-friendly states in the country based significantly on the notable evolution of our trust laws including the aptly named Trust Modernization Act of 2011. Most recently, the New Hampshire Judicial Branch created a new trust docket within the Circuit Court Probate Division to hear cases with increasingly complex trust issues and/or significant assets. This targeted focus on such a distinct area of the law increases the credibility and utility of establishing trusts in New Hampshire.

A major goal in the development of the trust docket was to allow more complex trust litigation matters to be handled on an expedited basis by judges who have a heightened level of expertise. Thus far the separate docket has proved beneficial by being managed by one judge who specialized in trust law and has allowed a more directed review of complex matters on an expedited basis. This dedicated trust docket will, however, also prove to be valuable for less complex matters by freeing up the existing probate court resources to address the more quickly resolvable estate and trust matters.

What does this mean to you? If you are considering establishing a trust, consider doing so in New Hampshire. Our firm’s estate planning department would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in exploring the potential benefits of using a New Hampshire trust to manage your assets.

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